Are you sick?  Have you been exposed to someone who is infected with a cold, the flu or Coronavirus?

There is a chance that you are an unaffected carrier of the virus.  If there is even a chance that you are spreading the contagious pathogens which cause Coronavirus it is vitally important to disinfect any areas that you have come in contact with.  Whether you are concerned with protecting your coworkers at the office or your family at your home.  We can help!

Traditional methods of disinfecting are helpful when done correctly but the BEST way to ensure that your environment is germ free is with electrostatic disinfection.

The problem with traditional spray and wipe and disinfecting cloths, is that they often do not coat surfaces entirely or for the required dwell time (time required by chemical to decontaminate) that disinfecting chemicals must have in order to kill pathogens.  It is even possible to further spread the virus from one surface to the next making the problem worse instead of actually solving the problem.

The solution is… Electrostatic Disinfecting!

Our electrostatic sprayers emit a fine mist of disinfectant which has been electrostatically charged (think of hair on a balloon).  These charged particles of disinfectant spray evenly coat, encapsulate and stick to surfaces allowing the disinfectant to stay in contact with the surface for the required dwell time.  This allows the disinfectant ample time to kill the harmful pathogens associated with Covid19 and other contagious disease.

Our disinfecting chemicals are safe and effective for people and animals.  They can even be used in food prep areas.

Our pricing model is based on frequency of application and size of structure to be disinfected.  Please contact us for a free quote.

While it is not necessary to leave while we perform this service we do ask that you allow our technicians space to work.

Please pick up any items that you do not want disinfected.  It is advisable to not leave paper out.  Our disinfectant may cause paper to curl as it dries.  If you have any surfaces with caked on dirt and grime it is best to clean it prior to disinfecting.

Please call to book an appointment. 781-333-4467

We accept cash, check and credit cards.

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