Hotel/Motel Maintenance

Entrance/Lobbies: Clean and disinfect ornaments, mop tile floors. Clean windows and glass doors. Clean mirrors. Dust and polish furniture. Dust walls and clean chandeliers as needed. Clean and disinfect walls, elevator doors and frames. Empty and clean ashtrays. Vacuum carpeted areas.

Elevators: Spot clean walls outside elevator openings. Empty and clean ashtrays, Clean mirrors. Clean and disinfect elevator walls and doors, vacuum carpet or mop floor.

Laundry Rooms: Spot clean walls, doors and doorframes. Empty and clean trash containers. Clean and disinfect all washing machines and dryers. Vacuum carpeted areas. Sweep and mop floors. Clean and disinfect counter tops. Clean under machines as needed.

Trash Bin Rooms and Chutes: Spot clean walls and chute entrance as needed. Vacuum carpets. Clean counter tops. Sweep under machines as needed. Spot clean and disinfect walls and chute openings. Sweep and clean trash bin room floors. Mop and deodorize floors and walls.

Hallways: Maintain appearance.

Pool House / Recreation Rooms: Vacuum carpeted areas. Clean and disinfect all uncarpeted areas. Empty and clean trash containers and reline as needed. Clean and arrange patio furniture. Spot clean walls, doors, windows and doorframes. Check and clean light fixtures, clean outside steps, landings, stairways and stairwells. Clean and sanitize restrooms. Replenish supplies as needed.

Please contact A Cleaner Tomorrow today with any questions you may have regarding our listed services or any other services. We will be happy to cater to your needs.

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